Simon Cowell Quit Smoking Electronic Cigarette

24 Apr

Simon Cowell Quit Smoking Electronic Cigarette


E Cigarette Review

20 Apr

New inventions can be so simple sometimes one such product is the e-cigarette,as we all well know tobacco smoking is a very dangerous activity in fact the most dangerous voluntary activity in the world.
Over 5 million people die every year from cigarette related illnesses,this is 1 death in ever 10 and as we also know people smoke because of the addiction to nicotine.


So we should welcome with open arms a product that takes away the very dangerous part of smoking like the tars and carbon monoxide from the nicotine and that is exactly what an electronic cigarette does it uses a small battery which creates electricity and then vaporizes a nicotine solution and this is what the user breathes in.
E-cigarettes don’t just help smokers to improve their life they have other benefits also unlike normal cigarettes their is no danger for other people present no passive smoking danger, no nasty smell so no reason to ban them from public places clubs, restaurants, and pubs should have no problem with you using this product on their premises.
And is their any objections ? it seems their is so instead of welcoming the e-cigarette lobbyists in the health field seem quiet determined to have them stubbed out, many cry that this could open the way to normal cigarettes returning to licensed premises other claim the e liquid flavorings that can be added to the nicotine solution will make the e-cigarette very attractive for children like alcopop drinks.
And this must be wrong, people who are responsible for promoting public health should also be promoting the e-cigarette not trying to turn public opinion against their use i agree e-cigarette should be regulated as nicotine is a very addictive substance and should be kept well away from children.
E-cigarette should only be sold to adults from licensed businesses,more research is required i also agree as nicotine is a poison,but being poisoned by nicotine is quite low when you compare it to smoking proper fags there use should be your first choice.
The correct approach is not to denormalise smoking, but to normalize e-cigarette. Those who enjoy nicotine will be able to continue to use it, while everyone else will be spared both the public-health consequences of smoking and the nuisance of other people’s smoke.